The Golden Standard/

Billboard Advertising is a time-tested method of promoting your business or event, and increasing your bottom line. It is the most economical way to advertise versus television and radio. Consider that one 30 second radio ad costs $35 in the Manitowoc market. You can advertise for a whole day on a billboard for just $20 reaching thousands of potential customers each 24-hour period. With over a century of billboard advertising history, Outdoor Advertising on billboards has proven to be the most effective and cost efficient way to advertise your business.

Sign Me Up offers both 12’x24’ digital and static sign faces. Digital billboard advertising gives you instantaneous ability to change your ads on a daily basis and the possibility of rotating several ads in your leased time slot keeping your message fresh. The Sky is the limit with digital billboards. For example: restaurants can advertise breakfast, lunch and dinner specials that change throughout the day; a business can advertise “Now Hiring” on one ad, and product/service features on the next. Static billboards give you 24/7 coverage of your business to consistently reach current and prospective customers.

We manage billboards in both Manitowoc County (City of Manitowoc, City of Two Rivers) and Sheboygan County (City of Plymouth). Click on the locations below for more details.